About Amy and the Peace Pipes

Amy and the Peace Pipes is a pop rock/reggae woman-led band from Fort Collins. The band focuses on making music about positivity, celebrating life even when life is hard, and smiling til your cheeks hurt. Don’t be surprised when Amy’s heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals leave you wanting more.

Music is Amy’s outlet. It is what gets her through the day, and believes most people can relate to that. Writing and performing music has enabled Amy to put into words the pains she endured, whether it was an abusive relationship, or a betrayed friendship, to the joy she feels when looking at her three children and the family she’s been blessed with. Music gives us a way to relate to other people, to let them know that “Hey. You’re not alone. No matter how hopeless you feel, keep going – because tomorrow will come.” Scene Magazine agrees, with their review of our self titled debut: “The lyrics are often personal and are seemingly always accompanied with a message of optimism.”

Amy started out as a solo artist, and in the winter of 2014, turned to her longtime friend, Chad Wickham (Bass), to form a band. Amy and the Peace Pipes are rounded out with Jeromey Balderrama (Drums), and John Russell (Guitar). Amy says, of her band, “These guys are my Peace Pipes. They make the magic happen, and I am so thankful to have the privilege to not only share the stage with them but my songs as well. I couldn’t do this without them.”

Since their formation, Amy and the Peace Pipes has established themselves throughout northern Colorado, playing shows across the front range. In fall of 2018, the band released Eden’s Favorite Apple, their first full-length album release, following up on their self-titled EP released in 2015, and their “Burning Bridges” single released in 2017. The sophomore CD represents the band solidifying it’s unique piano-rock/reggae/alternative sound while promoting the realization of inner-beauty, self-worth, conquering adversity and embracing the optimism that lies in the unknown.

Amy and the Peace Pipes are…