Yum Yum’s w/ The Kity Project & Wolfer

Saturday, December 29, 2018
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Yum Yum's Bar
1300 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins

Come help bring in the New Year @ Yum Yum’s during a special celebration for Kim & Ty’s Anniversary featuring local bands Wolfer, Amy and the Peace Pipes, and The Kity Project!

**2 Old Aggie, PBR, and Coors Light
**Doors @ 7:30, Music @ 8pm
**All ages ’till 10:30

Wolfer 10:15 p.m.-Close
Seduced by the succubus of the night, three lone wolves were drawn into a pack. Fueled by the unbound prowess of darkness these intrepid wanders were united by a common cause: to bring the ROCK to the streets of Fort Collins. This unholy union has spawned immediate results in the form of face-melting guitar, the rumbling thunder of bass, and the crushing fury of pulverizing drums.

Amy and the Peace Pipes 9:00-10:00 p.m.
Amy and the Peace Pipes is a pop rock/reggae female led band from Fort Collins. The band focuses on making music about positivity, celebrating life even when life is hard, and smiling til your cheeks hurt. Don’t be surprised when Amy’s heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals leave you wanting more.

The Kity Project 8-8:45p.m.
Tyler and Kim met in 2011 and rapidly fell in love through music. After moving to Hawaii and playing in a blues rock band for several years, the duo moved back to mainland USA and traveled the contiguous 48 in search of a new home and a place to begin pursuing their musical dreams. On the long journey to Colorado in a beat up camper van, theKITYproject was born, initially with just Kim and Tyler. It has since evolved and now manifests as a four piece ensemble.

Yum Yum's w/ The Kity Project & Wolfer