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The Seen

The Seen is our newest single, released April 2020.

Many times it may seem like other people have it all, and we may find ourselves wishing to be like that person, wanting to fit into their crowd. Often that appearance is just a facade. In our band’s journey, we try to hold to our message: To be loved, be kind, and be yourself!

The Seen expresses the importance of standing out and being confident in yourself when the world around you commands conformity – this song challenges you to look through the temptation and celebrate that there’s no one else like you.

The Seen was recorded, mixed and mastered by Darren Radach at Stout Studios in Fort Collins.

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Look What You Made Me Do
(Taylor Swift Color)

Taylor Swift has been a major musical influence for Amy, and we wanted to pay tribute through this fun rendition that’s become a staple at our shows.  This song was recorded by the amazing Darren Radach at Stout Studios in Fort Collins, and are so happy with how it turned out!

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Other Singles

Christmas Peace
(feat. Emily F Niles)

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Piano In Your Head

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More Time (Nick’s Song)

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Burning Bridges

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Album: Eden’s Favorite Apple

Eden’s Favorite Apple is Amy and the Peace Pipe’s first full-length album release, following up on their self-titled EP released in 2015, and their “Burning Bridges” single released in 2017. The sophomore CD represents the band solidifying it’s unique piano-rock/reggae/alternative sound while promoting the realization of inner-beauty, self-worth, conquering adversity and embracing the optimism that lies in the unknown.

Entire Album:
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Eden’s Favorite Apple OneSheet (PDF)


Vintage Drive: Mp3 Download

No One Else: Mp3 Download

Self-Titled EP

Released in 2015, this was the debut release for Amy and the Peace Pipes, recorded at Royal Recording in Colorado Springs.

Entire EP:
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Not Lip Service

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No One Else

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Chad’s Happy Song

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Press Clippings and Reviews

“It mixes the jaunty reggae of No Doubt with the quirky piano-based pop sensibilities of Regina Spektor.”

Scene Magazine, Eden’s Favorite Apple Review

Amy and the Peace Pipes remain musical beacons of joy and positivity on their new album.

Scene Magazine, Eden’s Favorite Apple Review

“The lyrics are often personal and are seemingly always accompanied with a message of optimism.”

Scene Magazine, Self-Titled EP Review

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