The Seen – our newest single

We have something very exciting to share with you, our newest single, The Seen.

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Many times it may seem like other people have it all, and we may find ourselves wishing to be like that person, wanting to fit into their crowd. Often that appearance is just a facade. In our band’s journey, we try to hold to our message: To be loved, be kind, and be yourself!

The Seen expresses the importance of standing out and being confident in yourself when the world around you commands conformity – this song challenges you to look through the temptation and celebrate that there’s no one else like you.

This brand new song has only been played once before at a live show and gives us a chance to have some fun with different musical styles. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

The Seen was recorded, mixed and mastered by Darren Radach at Stout Studios in Fort Collins.

The Seen Single Cover - Woman with sunglasses with the "Amy and the Peace Pipes" logo imposed on one of the lenses.